Hoopz dating 2016

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Over the last few years, NBA wives and girlfriends (NBA WAGs) have become an obsession of not only warm-blooded male fans, but also female fans looking for insight into the lives of women espoused to professional basketball players.

The company I have partnered with is based in Atlanta, Ga. It has to be mellow, strong, but taste good as well.and we are starting off with a Champagne for release in the Fall of this year as well. During wine tastings, I think I turned away 17 bottles.SOM: So what other projects are you currently working on right now? Hoopz: No, gosh my love life is so dang dry, Its dry like my grass I’m looking at right now.In a series of flicks, the gorgeous Hollywood actress, who’s currently filming , turned up the glam factor in a hot red double slit dress with cape that draped over her bod effortlessly. When she’s not snapping new flicks on social media, she’s on the movie set of her upcoming independent film film that hits theaters July 22nd. After rocking the stage with Dreezy at the “Hip Hop Honors” show, Keke Palmer is serving face in a mini shoot she shared on social media.

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