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An ex-boyfriend of Herrick's, who he says he met on Grindr, has allegedly been creating fake accounts since October 2016.

The accounts have Herrick's photos and personal details, including some falsehoods like a claim that that he's HIV positive.

In some instances, they are told not to be dissuaded if Herrick is resistant at first, "as part of an agreed upon rape fantasy or role play." The case raises important questions in the social media age about impersonation, stalking and harassment.

"What are Grindr's legal responsibilities," asks Aaron Mackey, a Frank Stanton legal fellow at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The ex allegedly invites men to Herrick's apartment and the restaurant where he works.

Sometimes as many as 16 strangers each day will show up looking for Herrick.

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“There is simply no way to tell whether you will be accepted,” he said.Google Ad Words prohibits the sale or promotion for sale of counterfeit goods.Counterfeit goods contain a trademark or logo that is identical to or substantially indistinguishable from the trademark of another.But if you pay for them with a debit card funded by taxpayers, that's business -- and we're cutting you off.Prodded by the federal government, fueled by ever-intensifying competition for precious tax dollars, dozens of states throughout the country are imposing new limitations on the debit cards now used virtually everywhere to distribute public financial assistance to presumably needy recipients.

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